“I was skeptical before this treatment but I am truly amazed at the results. My frizzy curly hair is now straight, soft and the best of all frizz free. I would recommend this service to all who suffer with hair like mine.” Sofia

​”Thank you Magic Sleek, I love my new hair. It’s shinier, smoother and in better condition than before the treatment. I’ve used keratin before and my hair was dry and limp and the fumes were terrible. I will tell all my friends.” Vera

“The famous Magic Sleek! I love this straightening with no chemicals! Try it once & you’ll never try anything else.” Francine

Magic Sleek Australia Testimonials

“This is my 2nd time to use the product, I had a great experience with​ it. I did not have to blow dry my hair for at least 3 months and my​ hair became more healthy.” Niveen Sedra​​

“This was the best thing that I could have ever done for my hair!​ Before doing the treatment, my hair was fried, dry, and short with no​hope of growing. I felt a difference right away. After a month, I already saw a significant difference in my hairs texture, and saw how​ long it had gotten. And it was amazing to have it dry straight.” Monica​​

“Amazing! No frizz and so smooth. I am flat iron free and don’t even have to blow dry if I’m in a rush. Thank you Magic Sleek. Rhonda​​

“I have very curly hair and have done Japanese straightening many times and then switched to keratin treatments. I find Magic Sleek to be a​ better treatment than other products because it leaves my hair softer and healthier than I have ever had it. I would recommend this product because it lasts for months and you can colour immediately.”
Sandra Kaplan-Eisenmann

“Unbelievable results! My hair is in better condition than before the treatment. I would recommend this service to anyone who is tired of​ using a blowdryer and a flatiron.” Diane

“The Magic Sleek treatment for my hair was wonderful. The results surpassed my expectations. I would recommend this service to anyone who doesn’t want to be a slave to a blowdryer and a flatiron.” Karen

“I am a magic sleek costumer who couldn’t be more happier! I had gotten the treatment done a couple of times it is absolutely amazing. It is the only treatment that allows me to maintain my hair. My hair is completely frizz free even in the rain the heat the humidity it doesn’t exist in my life anymore. My hair looks and feels healthier its truly a magic treatment.” Megan

“Magic sleek is the best straightening treatment I tried, and I did a lot over the years. There is no smell, no burning the eyes comparing to keratin treatment. Hair is so healthy and completely frizz free even in the hot and humid days. Hair looks great and so shiny, and almost maintenance free. I highly recommend magic sleek if you want healthy, shiny, frizz and maintenance free hair.” Rita

​”I have natural medium curly hair, not a bad thing except for the frizz 🙁 on humid days my hair would pop out & look like a lions mane, not so good! After trying keratin once, just for something different , I missed my curls. Second time I was told I would keep my curls but get rid of the frizz. NOT TRUE. My hair was once again straight as an arrow. Recently a friend recommended Magic Sleek, she said this product would allow me to relax my curls, take the frizz out & was good for the hair, being my hair was very damaged from highlights. I gave it a chance, and I have to say, it is Magic! I walked out with pin straight hair, washed it the next day, put the serum in my hair & magic! Exactly what I wanted exactly what I was promised. A beautiful soft slight curl, NO frizz, no matter the weather. I have never​ received more compliments on my hair :)) and it feels much healthier. Thank you Olga xoxoxo” Thais Trimpin Guiffre

“Great product! No horrible smell and burning. My hair looks amazing. No frizz! and nice and straight without even blow drying.” Linda

Magic Sleek Australia Testimonials